List Acquisition

The UMI team includes List Brokers with access to various types of data that can be used to supplement the master database based on a client's needs or specifications.


  • Residential listings
  • Business to business listings
  • New Mover listings
  • Non-Profit listings
  • Community group listings
  • and more

The data accessed can be generated in various ways. Examples:

  • Designated radius from store locations
  • Specific demographics only
  • Businesses with a designated number of employees only
  • Companies with designated sales figure or above annually
  • Personnel with key titles within an organization (Purchasing Directors, Marketing Directors, 
  •  Sales Managers, HR contacts, Event Managers, Catering Managers)

Supplemental data is useful for communicating outside a location's four walls with various direct mail programs.

Supplemental data is also housed within the master database system so that it may be cross-referenced with core guest data for multi marketing purposes.