Database Management

UMI develops Proprietary Master Relational Database Systems for numerous clients around the country.

The master database system is a fully integrated system that details all guest activity.

The system is built store by store, allowing authorized users access to their data at any time.

Guests enrolled in the master database system are issued a permanent identification code for purposes of tracking store activity, analysis, and reporting.

All data is maintained to ensure its consistency and relevance over time:

  •   De-duplication (Normalization)
  •   Address standardization
  •   CASS Certification
  •   NCOA Processing (National Change of Address)
  •   DPV (Delivery Point Verification)

Store file maintenance:

  • Guest address change
  • Guest phone change
  • Guest E-Marketing change
  • Guest redemption activity
  • Guest relations communication

Any Guest communication is copied to Corporate, Field and General Managers to ensure awareness of campaigns currently in market.

Redemptions from all guest communications are tracked and shared via client POS system, or sent back to UMI for tracking by guest record in the master database system.