Data Entry

UMI Provides Data Services for some of the largest Brands in the US and Canada. Whether your brand is a household name or just starting out, our data entry staff can handle your growing data entry needs.

  • UMI employs a large team of data entry staff based in Dallas, TX. Having a large team allows for quick data entry. Keeping our team local means we can meet the agile demands of your growing data entry needs.
  • Our team of data professionals process various forms and data types daily.
  • All data entered is considered confidential and accessed for entry via a secure, server-based application to ensure its integrity and consistency.
  • Data forms can range from 1 field to over 500 fields of information. Data forms are customized to suit the client’s needs and to capture relevant information.
  • The data entry team also works on project-based data entry work such as corporate manuals, Chamber of Commerce listings, etc.
  • All data entered is owned by the client, and managed and housed by UMI, Inc.